Annual Safety Training

IMP and FTT employees must complete their safety training by June 15th each year. Acceptable dates of completion are between 5/01 and 6/15.

TAP employees are required to complete their annual training within three (3) days of the anniversary date.  See below for a list of required trainings.


·Harassment. Harassment & Discrimination Prevention: Title VII: Harassment and Discrimination Prevention eLearning

oOnly take this course if you are a resident of California. This course replaces the Harassment & Discrimination Prevent course listed above. AB 1825: California AB 1825 and AB 2053 Harassment and Discrimination Prevention

·HR Compliance. HIPAA- Employees: HIPAA- What Employees Should Know

Environmental Compliance. PPE Emp to know: PPE—What Employees Need to Know

Performance Management. Workplace Safety for Employees


·OSHA 10-hour general industry.  MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheets

·Personal Safety. BBP- Healthcare: Bloodborne Pathogens- Healthcare Workers

·Workplace Violence.  Preventing Violence—Employees


·Substance Abuse.  Substance Abuse in the Workplace—What Employees Need to Know


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