Our assessments are designed to be an operational check-up for the Sterile Processing, Materials Management, and OR Departments. Our goal is to provide management teams with direction and tools needed to focus on immediate departmental processes, as well as recognize and thoroughly address other areas to ensure the operational development of the department.

PHASE I         
A SIPS Consultant will assess the department's current processes. Based on information gathered, the Consultant will issue written recommendations and a “Plan of Action." This plan of action will detail the best way to effectively implement best practices and standards as required by JCAHO, AAMI, AORN, the CDC, and regulatory agencies such as FDA, OSHA, and state Departments of Health.

Our Consultants use a combination of clinical and technical expertise combined with observations, interviews, and customer supplied reports and data to effectively assess your department. This onsite assessment may require direct interaction with CS, OR and  Facilities Management teams; random employee feedback may also be required.  The Consultant will then use specific process and management activities to effectively meet customer request, and provide quality products and services to the organization. Observations and comments supporting given ratings are provided to the customer along with the recommended steps to address the identified operational opportunities for improvement. 

Upon completion of Phase I, SIPS will work in collaboration with identified parties to ensure that the client's expectations and needs are met. Collaborative efforts are to assist clients with any designing, implementing, purchasing, mentoring, and/or educational needs that may be required to meet future goals and expectations.


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