Our Outsourcing program takes full responsibility for the CS/SP department, allowing the facility to focus on providing better patient care and drive successful outcomes right to the bedside.

SIPS onsite Directors, Managers, and Technicians will manage the daily operations of the Central Sterile/Central Supply Department. This Outsourcing program is based on logic and methodologies to ensure that your department is appropriately staffed with experienced certified employees at all times. Implementing our recommended production metrics will cut labor cost up to 30%, ensure lean operation, and ensures that your team is effectively providing sterilized instruments to the right place, for the right patient, and for the right procedure.

What’s included? 

SIPS will...

  • Participate in Environment of Care meetings
  • Provide historical trending data on Surgery Census, Case Mix Index, and specific equipment utilization
  • Prepare and manage all Joint Commission and Federal/ State Regulatory audits
  • Manage employee certifications that pertain to the Central Sterile Department

Contact a SIPS representative for more information, 1-866-615-7977.

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