Request Time-Off

Request for Time-off are submitted inside of your ADP Employee Portal. Log into your portal and follow the instructions below.

How to Submit a Request as an Employee Job Aid Overview
Employees request time off by clicking the Calendar icon or they can start the process by selecting Myself > Request Time Off.

Bruce Adler is requesting time off for vacation for the week of July 23rd - July 27th. He needs to verify his balance hours before entering his request for approval.

Point to Myself >Request Time Off.

Step Action

  1. On the calendar, select the days to include in the request.
  2. Click the Action icon on any requested day and select Request Time Off.
  3. In the Time Off Policy field, select the appropriate time off policy from the list.
  4. If necessary, change the number of hours requested and the start time.
  5. In the Add/Edit Comment box, enter any notes.
    1. Note: All notes that employees enter will be visible to the reviewer.
  6. If applicable, enter a response requested by date.
  7. Click Done to submit the request for approval.


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