Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is an influential guidance of your vision; it is about managing from the board to the bedside.  Our focus is on building strong organizational leadership for your institute by providing tools, resources, and coaching.  We help you to enhance your skills to become a successful team leader and supervisor providing organizational leadership while remaining both effective and inspirational through the turbulence of change.


Our program participants learn to leverage their strengths in all aspects of life from personal to professional.

Leadership Academy not only empowers individuals; we also inspire organizational leaders to lead by inspiration, motivation, and guidance.

SIPS subscribes to the constructivist approach to teaching and learning based on the premise that cognition is the result of learning by fitting new information together with what is already known.  Learning is affected by the context in which an idea is taught as well as by individual’s beliefs and attitudes.

As a result, we place value on and build upon the known, and successfully integrate new information into the existing framework.


  • Executive Coaching                  
  • On-Site Seminars
  • Assessments with Focus Groups
  • Team Building Courses
  • Supervisor Training
  • New Manager Training
  • Managing From the Board to the Bedside
  • Personal Coaching
  • Leading Leaders
  • Horizontal & Vertical Integration
  • Business Simulations: Running a Business
  • Employee Engagement through Leadership
  • Creating a Customer Service Culture
  • Organizational Transformation
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