Featured Workshops

Workshops are available online and onsite.

Empowerment through Leadership Workshop 
Provides participants with tools to increase efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction and professionalism within the corporate culture. 

Frontline Enhancement Workshop
Helps participants take ownership of their responsibilities while building leadership skills.

Pro Transformers Workshop
Individuals will learn the benchmarks of leadership greatness, how to develop leadership skills in others, how to build an accountability/ responsibility culture and how to access resource information ranging from maintaining circumspect integrity to uncovering core company values and goals.

Diamond Cutting Edge Workshop 
Attendees will also gain invaluable insight into the utilization of SMART goals as a means to align organizational mission and vision, promote team building, mentoring, and empowering each individual to increase efficiency. The workshop consists of up to five (5) topics of your choice per day. Workshops participants will have access to a SIPS resource via e-mail and phone.

SPD Workshop 
Helps technicians gain an understanding of the importance of their role in the department. Identify enemies of surgical instruments, common instrument stains, and their probable causes. Describe good work practices for manual cleaning processes and decontamination. Identify common cleaning issues to consider when cleaning instruments to preserve the life of the instrument. 

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