Integrated Management Partnership

Our Integrated Management Partnership transfers operational responsibility for the CS/SP Department to SIPS. From the handoff, we implement the 5 lean functional techniques to ensure that our team is effectively tracking toward providing sterilized instruments to the right place, for the right patient, for the correct procedure, and at the right time.

Transitioning CS/SP responsibilities allows stakeholders from other departments to focus on their core functions as we collectively provide optimal patient care and customer service.

We will manage the daily operations of the CS/SP Department while working with key players to ensure proper support for your surgical volume.

  • Develop employee educational needs to meet quality and productivity expectations.  
  • Provide ongoing certification preparation courses as needed to reach and maintain a targeted goal of 100% certified staff. 
  • Collaborate with identified resources as needed to prepare for Regulatory Audits and maintain records as required for compliance.  
  • Develop project and process improvement initiatives as identified for continued victories.

Education and Leadership Development

We offer a variety of training and continuing education opportunities for the Sterile Processing industry. Whether you’re currently working in Sterile Processing or looking to get your foot in the door, we offer training to suit your needs.

  • SIPS has an incredibly impactful certification preparation course. Our students have a 96% pass rate and are certified within 6 months of completing the course.
  • Our continuing education tutorials are online and available 24 hours per day. Keep your eyes peeled in case some are offered online or in a Facebook post. 
  • We have several in-services offerings available to meet your ongoing staff development needs. We also develop in-service offering to meet your ongoing staff development needs to support current and future service offerings.
  • Our leadership courses and dynamic team-building workshops support those with the desire to enter leadership, those new to leadership, and those stressed from leadership. 

All of our intuitive trainings can be conducted online and onsite.