Undeniable Fact: Possessing an internal drive helps you achieve your goals.

Another undeniable fact; internal drive is just one of many factors that influence success.

Sara was a young lady who had a dream of becoming a professional dancer. She had been dancing since she was three years old and had always been passionate about it. However, as she grew older, she realized that becoming a professional dancer was not going to be easy. She would have to work hard, practice every day, and make many sacrifices along the way.

Despite the challenges, Sarah never gave up on her dream. She possessed an internal drive that kept her going even when things got tough. She knew that if she wanted to achieve her goals, she would have to put in the work.

Sarah spent countless hours practicing her dance moves, studying the art of dance, and learning from the best dancers in the world. She faced many obstacles along the way, but she never let them get in the way of her dreams.

Finally, after years of hard work and dedication, Sarah’s dream came true. She landed a spot in one of the most prestigious dance companies in the world. Her internal drive had paid off, and she was now living her dream.

What goals and/or dreams fuel your drive? Is it the coveted Triple Crown of certifications? Or maybe becoming a Director of a high-volume healthcare system? Perhaps sitting on an AAMI board and helping create and revise standards that influence sterilization practices nationwide? Whatever your targets are, drive is a component necessary to hit them; internal drive is necessary to hit them repeatedly.

At SIPS Consults, DRIVE is one of our CORE Values, along with Respect, Integrity, and Professionalism. It’s associated with resilience, fortitude, problem solving, self-motivated, self-disciplined, and focused. Oxford Language defines it as to “propel or carry along by force in a specified direction.”

What is the specified direction your drive is carrying you in?

The moral of Sara’s story is that possessing an internal drive is essential if you want to achieve your goals. It’s not enough to have talent or passion; you must also be willing to put in the work and make sacrifices along the way. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

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